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Mike Mowen
2022 Railroad Person of the Year

The Railroad Person of the Year is an annual Durand tradition first awarded in 1977.  The honoree is selected by a committee of their peers, all of whom are Railroad Persons of the Year.  

The Rules for Who Qualifies are: 
1. The Nominee must either be an active or retired railroad employee.
2. The Nominee must have worked (or is working) for a Railroad in the Durand Area (GTW, CN, AA, CONRAIL, GLC, CM, HESR, etc.)
3. Community and Church Service will be considered as part of an overall nomination.

Nominating Deadline - Tuesday, February 15
Honoring Ceremony - Saturday, May 14 (Railroad Days)
Railroad Days Parade - Saturday, May 14

RRPoY 2023
Nomination Form

Thank you for your nomination! The committee decides in February and will announce in March.