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The Michigan Railroad History Museum

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    Curtis Stewart, Librarian

The Henry Earle Riggs Research Library is named after the chief engineer of the Toledo, Ann Arbor, and North Michigan Railroad in 1890. Mr. Riggs only worked for the railroad six years, but his contributions are immeasurable. Mr. Riggs' grandson and family are patrons of the library and of the room in which the Ann Arbor Railroad Historical Society Exhibit is located.

Archive Specific Information

The Margaret Zdunic Archives are named after our longtime archivist, historian, and preservationist. A resident of Durand, Ms. Zdunic was responsible for organizing and establishing the archives at the Durand Union Station as the resident volunteer archivist. She was also instrumental in the effort to obtain the Union Station's designation as a national and state historic site, saving the Depot from demolition.

The Library and Archive contain more than 2000 linear feet of materials, including but not limited to blueprints, books, original letters, logs, tapes, slides, photographs, periodicals, and other related materials. Access to archival documents is available through appointment only. Please be aware that there are research and reproduction fees associated with the use of the Library and Archive. Call for details.

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In 1991, The Michigan State Legislature selected the Durand Union Station as the natural site for the Michigan Railroad History Museum. Durand Union Station, Incorporated (DUSI) assumed responsibility for the development and operation of the museum and information center. The mission of the nonprofit is to support the rehabilitation and restoration of the Grand Trunk Union Station and to maintain the Michigan Railroad History Museum and Information Center.

DUSI is happily making the transition from a corporation preserving and rehabilitating a century-old train station to a corporation expanding the state railroad history museum and information center housed within it. The Michigan Railroad History Museum holds one of the largest collections of railroad related artifacts in the state of Michigan.

The Information Center, comprised of the Henry Earle Riggs Library and the Margaret Zdunic Archives, contains large quantities of materials devoted to railroad history both in the State of Michigan and in the larger United States.

DUSI’s mission for the Museum and Information Center is to collect, preserve, and interpret the artifacts, records, and documents related to the history of railroads and railroading in Michigan. In addition, the nonprofit shall engage in and promote activities that encourage interest in the railroad industry, as well as its past, present, and future. DUSI’s membership is open to all who support preserving the state of Michigan’s rich railroading heritage, and the station is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors, a paid museum director, and countless dedicated, knowledgable, and valuable volunteers.

Money to support this endeavor and cover operating expenses is obtained via membership dues and the gift shop, rental of the facilities for private events, fundraising events, donations from private individuals and foundations, and state and federal grants.

Current Exhibits

  • Presidential Whistle Stops (2017)
  • Troop Cars and Military Trains (2017)
  • Conductor’s Pistols (2017)
  • Growth of a Railroad Town (2017)
  • African-Americans in Railroading (2016)
  • Women Contributions to Railroading (2016)
  • Gandy Dancer Tools of the Trade (2016)
  • The End of the Steam Era (2015)
  • How Rail is Laid and Maintained (2015)
  • Standardization of Time Zones (2013)
  • Car Ferries
  • Hobos and Hobo Culture
  • Industries that Use Railroads
  • Railroad Baseball (Seasonal)
  • Railroad Conductors (Seasonal)